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Ron Cieslak, Aug 2003

This web site has been created in the hopes of helping you find your ancestors or living cousins if they lived in Jakubany, Austria-Hungary (present day Slovakia) before 2005. Jakubany is a small village located a few miles south of Stara Lubovna in north eastern Slovakia about 60 miles north and in between Poprad and Presov, within the Carpathian mountain range that separates Slovakia and Poland.

In the past, Jakubany was also known as Jakubjan, Jakubfalva, and Jakubfalu, located in Szepes County, Hungary. My maternal grandfather Joe Dufala, born Dec 1892, immigrated in 1910 and lived in Perth Amboy, NJ briefly before settling in the Homer City area of Indiana County, PA and later in Erie, PA. Jakubany has also been pronounced as Yakubiany.

Other websites of interest are: https://feefhs.org/index.php/resource/slovakia, www.carpatho-rusyn.org & www.tccweb.org. All records are in a typed format from either the original micro-filmed entries of the church records (generally 1772-1900+) or parish record copies that vacationers brought back (in new links). Many marriage records list parents names, age at time of marriage and house # they were from. I have found that in checking with actual baptism/birth records, the age is not always correct. The records were mostly recorded in latin. Also see website www.jakubany.sk for photos.

Sts. Peter and Paul Church, 2004

My cousin or I have attempted to translate the Russian records literally to English, and know that there may be errors in the translation due to illegibility. Also, there are frequent variations in the spelling of the names determined by the record keeper and spelling reformations that took place throughout the years. There are some illegible names that we have taken a guess at and show our questionable names with the notation "(SP)" meaning possible spelling error. For the names with the SP/sp notation, my cousin has looked at the microfilm record and given me her input. For the most part, I have left the first names untouched, except to remove the 'us' latin suffix for some names such as Stephan and Joseph but my cousin didn't. The Hungarian names for the period 1844-1850 are not always easy to determine what the latin equivalent is, but for Janos it is Joannes (Jan or John), Istvan is Stephan, Illes is Elias, Ilona is Helena, Katalin is Catharina, Nestze is Anastasia, Pal is Paul, Miklos is Nicolaus, Mihaly is Michael.

The baptism records in my link are a partial extraction of the available information in the original record. The info not copied is the city of origin (most are from Jakubany), the religion (most are greek catholic), the occupation of the father (not on all records and in latin), the names of the godparents and the priest's name.

If you want to have the opportunity to view the actual microfilmed records, call your nearest LDS Family History Center (see the links section) and ask if you can order any of these 3 films: #1739210, 1739211 and 1739141 (the village is being indexed and it may not be possible to order them anymore) . The first contains baptism, marriage and death records for 1772-1836; the second has baptisms 1837-1886, marriages 1837-1918, and deaths 1836-1855; the 3rd has baptisms 1887-1895 and deaths 1856 - 1900. The cost for ordering one film is around $6 and it will take 2-6 weeks to get it at the library--they will call you when it comes in and you will usually have a month to review the film. You can renew it for additonal time periods with a renewal fee. Otherwise, to look at old record books, click the Online link in the top link box called Slovakia Church & Synagogue Books 1592-1910 (you may have to create a free account). In looking at the microfilmed or computerized records, keep in mind that the surname spelling often changed once your ancestor migrated to the U.S. Immigration officials rewrote the name to how it sounded to them in English.

July 2004: Ron C. meets Jakubany Mayor Jozef Dufala

My cousins and I have several surnames in our family trees. Some of them are Dufala, Dornick, Bakoss, Kupcsa, Romanecz-Csoma, Gabstur, Kundlya, Ribovics, Orlovsky, Storkel, Katrenics, Machuga, Michna, Varga, Sassala, Skapura, Vasil, & Zavalidroga to name a few. If you have a surname that matches any of the above, I'd be glad to hear from you. If you can, please give me the name of an ancestor with the approximate date of birth before 1931 in Jakubany so I can see if that ancestor links to me somewhere. Jakubany is a small village and people got married within its confines usually. Who knows, you might be related to me or one of my other cousins.

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Most people have Family Treemaker software or another variation. If you want to record your family info on paper, let me suggest you print the Ancestral (Pedigree) Chart form (recording your direct line lineage) and the Family Group Sheet (Record) (for a complete family) through this link: Get Started Forms/Charts (this site has several forms to keep track of info).


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